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How to distinguish knitted fabric from woven fabric

  Knitted and woven fabrics are two different ways of weaving textiles, which can be distinguished by observing the appearance and texture of the fabric:

1. Appearance difference: Knitted fabrics usually have a soft and elastic appearance, and are comfortable to wear close to the body. They are often used to make daily clothes such as T-shirts, sweaters, and socks; The appearance of woven fabrics is usually relatively stiff and their texture is relatively solid, and they are often used to make dresses such as shirts, pants, and coats.
2. Other differences: Knitted fabrics are made from continuous stitches on a knitting machine, which makes them highly elastic and breathable; Shuttle woven fabrics are made on traditional shuttle looms by weaving weft and warp threads, and their breathability and comfort may not be as good as knitted fabrics. In addition, knitted fabrics have higher production efficiency and are easier to repair when processed into garments; Woven fabrics have lower production efficiency, but better durability.
In summary, knitted and woven fabrics have their own characteristics, and their differences can be compared in terms of appearance, texture, and usage scenarios.

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